Dr. Enrique Artero

Dr. Enrique Artero, University of Almería, Spain

Dr. Artero has published + 90 articles in international peer reviewed journals. His total number of citations is +5500, with an average of 350 citations per year, and a H-index above 30 (Web of Sciences). He got a Bachelor in Sports Science (2005), a Master in Human Nutrition (2007), and a PhD in the Department of Physiology (2010), all of them at the University of Granada (UGR), Spain. He served as post-doctoral research fellow at the University of South Carolina (USC), USA, with Prof. Steve Blair. Back in Spain, Dr. Artero was awarded as Ramón y Cajal research fellow, and then promoted to Tenured Professor (Profesor Titular de Universidad). Nowadays his research is focused on the benefits of exercise as a therapeutic complement to bariatric surgery, as the PI of EFIBAR randomized controlled trial (ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT03497546).

Session title: “Supervised exercise immediately after bariatric surgery: preliminary results from EFIBAR randomized trial. 

A significant part of Dr. Artero´s work focuses on obesity and the role of exercise as part of the treatment. He is currently leading a very special study about the role of supervised exercise immediately after bariatric surgery, the “final” opportunity for those suffering the disease at its maximum levels. His preliminary data brings lots of interesting outcomes to explore in the coming future… Long-story-short, exercise should be considered as a fundamental part of the recovery process…