Prof. Dr. Marcela González Gross

Prof. Dr. Marcela González Gross

Full Professor for sport nutrition and exercise physiology. Head of the ImFINE Research Group. 

Main research focused on nutritional status and its impact both on functional and cognitive level of healthy subjects and those with risk factors with different levels of fitness and physical activity, especially children, adolescents and elderly, pioneering the interdisciplinary collaboration between nutrition and sport sciences both at national and international level. She is Scientific Manager of Exercise is Medicine® Spain, a founding member of EXERNET, Member of CIBERobn, President of the Spanish Nutrition Society (SEÑ), member of the EIEIM board, among other worths.

Promising Practices #1:

The track “Promising Practice” focuses on presenting current relevant and innovative experiences delivering physical activity/exercise programmes for the prevention and/or treatment of non-communicable chronic diseases in clinical and non-clinical environments… The selected projects are great examples of the capabilities of our industry delivering activities, programmes and/or services supporting Active Living….

In this session Prof. González Gross will chair the presentations from a selected pool of four projects and will challenge positively the speakers.