Prof. Robert J. Copeland

Professor Robert Copeland CPsychol, PhD.
Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre
Sheffield Hallam University

Rob is Director of the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre and Professor of Physical Activity and Health at Sheffield Hallam University. A Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist with the British Psychological Society and Health and Care Professions Council, Rob’s research focuses on supporting people and populations to move more. As part of the London 2012 Olympic Legacy, Rob led the team in Sheffield that established the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine, pioneering systems approaches to physical activity. Rob has led and developed physical activity interventions in multiple clinical and non-clinical populations, including prehabilitation for people with a cancer diagnosis. Rob continues to be fascinated by how to create the conditions to make it easier for people to be physically active and is most likely to be found riding his bike in the peak district.

Keynote title: “Impact of Co-location of Physical Activity, health & social services”

 Prof. Copeland is a leading researcher exploring the structured integration of physical activity as part of an intervention system and his work at the City of Sheffield in United Kingdom has been recognized globally as a best-practice. In this session Prof. Copeland will identify the positive outcomes happening when you integrate in the same environment a number of activities and services related to health and wellbeing, and the key elements to be considered building strong and effective partnerships…