Prof. Jonathan Ruiz

Assoc. Prof. Jonathan Ruiz, University of Granada

Jonatan Ruiz is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Sport Sciences of the University of Granada (Spain). Jonatan holds a degree in Sport Sciences from the University of Granada (Spain), a PhD in Exercise Physiology from the same University and a PhD in Medical Sciences from Karolinska Institute (Sweden). He joined the University of Granada as Ramón y Cajal Researcher in January 2011. His research combines clinical epidemiology with physiology to study the impact of exercise on energy metabolism and the development of cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Ruiz has dedicated his research career to studying the impact of regular physical activity on energy metabolism and cardiovascular health and more specifically on obesity and insulin resistance. Thanks to his research, there is now no doubt that regular physical activity has a protective effect on cardiovascular health from the first decades of life. Since 2014, Dr. Ruiz has been leading several human research projects focused on studying the role of exercise on brown adipose tissue and its modulatory effect on energy balance and cardiovascular risk factors. Dr. Ruiz was the first Ramón y Cajal researcher in Spain with a background in Sports Science, and was No. 1 (out of 6 contracts awarded in 2010) in the area of Clinical Medicine and Epidemiology.

Keynote title: Consequences of exercise during childhood on adults’ cardiovascular Health”.

Assoc. Prof. Ruiz is one of the most talented researchers in Spain and an international expert in the understanding of the role of physical activity and exercise on cardiovascular health. In this session Dr. Ruiz will explore the positive consequences of exercise during childhood on adult´s cardiovascular health and the implications and risks expected along the lifespan for those not moving enough…